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A Nike Executive Seeks a Family’s Forgiveness for a 1965 Murder

The New York Times (NYT) (01/18/2022)
  • In his recent book “Jump: My Secret”, Jordan Brand Chairman Larry Miller revealed that he randomly shot and killed 18-year-old Edward White while drunk as a 16-year-old gang member 55 years ago in West Philadelphia.
  • Miller details how he transformed his life after spending 9.5 years in prison.
  • He recently met with the White’s family, tearfully apologizing for his actions; they forgave him.
  • White had one son and was expecting a daughter.
  • To atone, Miller plans on funding a scholarship program for White’s family.

The Dolphins Didn’t Fire Brian Flores Because of His Coaching

The Ringer (01/10/2022)
  • Despite finishing the season with a winning record (9-8) including a 7 game winning streak, the Miami Dolphins still fired head coach Brian Flores.
  • Flores compiled winning records in 2/3 of his seasons coaching with talent-depleted rosters by training and motivating seemingly average players.
  • However, his abrasive approach led to strained relationships with the Dolphin’s owner, GM and young QB Tua Tagovailoa.
  • Article provides examples of past clashes including Flores pushing Dolphins to draft QB Justin Herbert, already a star, over Tua.

How Wearing Glasses Impacts Your Success, According to Science

Inc. (05/01/2019)
  • Studies show that people generally think more highly of individuals wearing glasses.
  • One study found that, when shown images of men wearing glasses, participants associated them with high-intelligence occupations (eg lawyers, doctors, etc).
  • While seemingly superficial, this assumption is justified by research showing people who consistently wear glasses are (on average) more intelligent.
  • However, people who wear full-rim glasses are initially perceived as less attractive and less likable.
  • Those who wear rim-less glasses are viewed as more intelligent and also sociable.

Washington left RFK Stadium for FedEx Field, and its home-field edge disappeared

The Washington Post (12/14/2021)
  • Washington Football Team’s FedEx Field is the complete opposite of the warm, celebratory atmosphere 25 years ago at its former home RFK stadium.
  • While RFK offered a major home-field advantage by being more compact with attendance overwhelmingly local fans, FedEx is routinely flooded with opposing teams’ fans.
  • Since moving to FedEx (1997), WFT has lost most of its home games and average attendance has collapsed from the mid-2000s peak (91,000) to 52,920.
  • Years of dysfunctional ownership and losing have driven fans away.

Stay home or work sick? Omicron poses a conundrum

AP News (01/09/2022)
  • While nearly 80% of all US private sector workers get paid sick leave, only 33% of the bottom 10% receive the benefit (Harvard study).
  • Given that most working-poor lack emergency savings, many have continued working while sick with Covid.
  • Many front-line employers such as grocery stores have phased out sick leave and hazard pay offered to workers earlier in the pandemic.
  • Front-line workers face greater risk from the highly-contagious Omicron variant and customers less likely to wear masks.

How the Trump Tax Law Created a Loophole That Lets Top Executives Net Millions

ProPublica (08/19/2021)
  • Trump’s 2017 tax reforms let business owners significantly reduce their taxes by shifting their wages to profits.
  • Unlike publicly-traded corporations, most privately-held businesses in the US are ‘pass-through’ entities whereby profits flow directly to the owners.
  • Trump’s tax reforms encouraged pass-through business owners who are also employed by their companies to classify their wages as profits by lowering the top tax rate on profits to 29.6% (vs 40.8% top rate on wages).
  • Article explores how executives and politicians have capitalized on this loophole.

IRS is in ‘crisis,’ facing massive backlog as new tax season starts

CNN (01/22/2022)
  • The IRS reportedly has over 11 million tax returns from last year that still haven’t been processed.
  • The agency has been overwhelmed during the pandemic from processing millions of new tax returns with the same limited headcount.
  • The IRS was also responsible for distributing 478 million stimulus payments ($812B) and 36 million child tax credits ($93B).
  • The backlog will probably result in many delays processing this year’s tax returns.
  • Since 2010, budget cuts have resulted in the IRS reducing its staff by 17%.

Podcasting Hasn’t Produced A New Hit in Years

Bloomberg (01/09/2022)
  • Industry executives are growing frustrated after investing hundreds of millions into new podcasts that haven’t panned out.
  • The top 10 podcasts are (on average) 7 years old (eg “Joe Rogan Experience”) and only a few in the top 50 are relatively new (eg “Michelle Obama Podcast”).
  • The growth in new podcasts has outpaced the growth in listeners.
  • With over 3 million podcasts currently available, listeners prefer sticking with what they know.
  • The industry is now focusing on expanding podcast offerings in foreign countries.

What Happens to Your Body on No Sleep?

Outside (04/02/2019)
  • Scientists have found that the effects of acute sleep deprivation, or all-nighters, kicks in after being awake for 16-18 hours straight.
  • The first sign is a sluggish mind, with reaction times lagging to the equivalent of being legally drunk by the 24th hour awake.
  • After 24 hours, your brain starts forcing you into 10-20 second periods of “micro-sleep”.
  • After 35 hours, the brain’s emotion-emitting amygdala becomes 60% more reactive and the ability to regulate emotions declines.
  • Hallucinations are common after 48 hours awake.