The D.C. Region Has Become More Diverse — But Also More Segregated, Study Finds

dcist (06/21/2021)
  • Despite increased diversity, the Washington, DC metropolitan area is more racially segregated now than in 1990 (UC-Berkeley).
  • In 1990, the DC-area was 65% White, 27% Black, 6% Hispanic and 10% Asian.
  • Now it’s 45% White, 25% Black, 16% Hispanic and 10% Asian.
  • 80% of all DC-area regions with at least 200K people are more segregated.
  • A recent example is DC’s U-street, which morphed from being very integrated (2010) to “low-medium segregation” as Black and LatinX residents moved out.
  • Rising segregation exacerbates long-term economic racial inequality.